Top Knives For Your Outdoor Trip

I will be honest with you. I am crazy about knives and strongly believe that one knife can not be used to perform all task. Every blade is designed for a specific use and has its own pros and cons. To even suggest that anything can be accomplished with an all purpose tool, it is considered a naive wish. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce some of my favorite outdoor knives that can be used for various situations including hunting and zombie apocalypse. The list will go over usability as well as affordability.

The Onion Skinner by CRKT


According to the knife designer Ken Onion, it took him a span of 60 months to perfectly design this beauty. The CRKT blade is build to effectively do its job. From skinning a small game to cutting open a big one, the spear point edge is sharp enough to cut through easily.  The knife features a well crafted handle that provide a good grip in slippery conditions. The blade has been tested on fields for perfection and 5 years of test run guarantees its perfection. $89.90

The Gerber Air Ranger


Featuring a high carbon stainless steel blade, the Gerber knife is designed to serve as an everyday carry pocket blade. This sturdy knife is equipped with thumb stud for easy one hand opening ability. With the half serrated blade, you can surely carry this knife in your pocket for daily use. Its light-weight but can perform some heavy duty task. And you cannot go wrong with a Gerber knife. $40.34

The Mtech Xtreme MX-8054


With 11 inch of length, this knife has what it take to perform the most challenging tasks. Not only it has that tactical look, it has a lethal blade that can make deep sharp cut. The mtech xtreme knives are considered to be an affordable brand of survival knives. Although many knife lovers will consider it to be low end blade, I believe the blade has the sharpness and structure to make it a good alternate to some of the most expensive survival knife brands such as cold steel and SOG knives.  $34.95


FIVE Hunting Rifles To Consider For This Season

1. Remington model 700 XCR II

Excellent rifle with well built body that provide adequate weather resistance. The heaviness of this rifle provide the control and accuracy needed to aim at a target.

2. Kimber 84M Mountain Ascent

Being one of the light weight rifle available in the market, this rifle lives up to its name. It fits well in one’s hand and shoulder and provides that stability needed to hunt a game in a survival situation.

3. Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

This particular rifle has been inspired from its classic predecessor: the sporting rifle. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, the rifle is a good companion on the field.

4. Savage model 16/116 FCSS

The accuracy of this specific model is incomparable. Plus, for those hunter looking for an affordable deal, this is a good rifle to buy.

5. HS precision 2000 PHL

A rifle that can be carried easily to a mountainous region for have the best hunting trip. With fully equipped customization ability, the rifle can be utilized according to a hunters need.